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Airport GoodBye, Deadlines and Tumblr

So, today I sent my parents off at the Airport.
They're leaving for a Funeral in California. I hope they're safe
--prays to God--

So today is the Deadline for jx2ne Ent. Auditions, but I'm leaving it open for a few more hours.
Yup, I'm nice lol. But it will, whether you like it or not, END today.

Also, I decided to use tumblr for a while.
I know I know.
"WTH? It's the same thing as blogger!"
Yep, but I barely come on to blogger anymore and my e-mail I use is being hack for some unknown reason
So I'm starting to feel bad about my blogg on blogger and left to Tumblr.
So if you still feel like following me and see what's new about me then look me up on Tumblr.

Let's just say, I'm taking a break from Blogger.
BUT -- you can always talk in the cbox. I WILL return your messages...that is...if it's not some advertisement.
Well thx guys! but I'm tumblr. ^.^

Popular Kid...

I still don't believe I'm a popular kid
I mean ME? of all people...
Well today a friend of mine came by and had something to ask me
Then he said
"Hey Jae, why don't you come to summer school?"
"Why?" "Cause everyone wants to see you"
"Uh Huh..."
"You know, __(insert name)___, __(insert name)___, ___(insert name)___, ___(insert name)___ and them. They wanna see you."
Yup, I didn't go to Summer School.
It makes me think back to my first year of Middle School.
Where I was the loner with little friends.
Then second year, where I made bunch of friends and even knew a few younger people.
Then finally, Third Year.
Being the popular kid, where everyone knows your name
Wishing you were in their class
Wanting to sit next to you and play with you ect.
This year, I became a popular kid
Made lots of trustworthy and un-trustworthy friends
A Popular Kid.

Now I'm debating IF I should go...
well the answer will come in good time.


So, what's up?
How everyone been?
Me? It's been fine, I guess.

What do you usually do for 4th of July?
Lit up fireworks? Watch the Fireworks? Me?

I don't usually lit up fireworks, but Yes! I do watch them and they're awesome!!
Anyways, this is to my Hmong people out there.
Fourth of July is our time to celebrate the Soccer Tournament. Held every year at the State of Minnesota.
Hmong people all over the Nation is coming to MN and yes it's usually crowded...well for the past few years yes.
But anyways...

My cousins are coming~~~ WOOT!
All the way from Wisconsin...can't wait!
I'm going to have a fun weekend coming. YAY
and then when they're gone I can blogg all out those Dorks!
and about the Soccer Tournament...that is
IF I do go.

Well that's all for tonight!
Going to watch some Anime/Kdrama before they actually get here. lol

Happy Birthday~

I wish I could say much, but I really can't

Did anyone audition for my little Fan-Dubbing project with the other girls??
Wait so you're telling me you don't know SailorMoon?? guys are lame....

Anyways, Yesterday (or today) was my Birthday!!
June 29 baby~~ XD

----Wow....awkward....(I'm not the type to use the word 'baby' a lot or even a that sense)

Anyways, happy birthday to me!
My Goals:

But I've been so busy I forgot all about Winglin. XD

anyways, Thanks for reading~

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